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A patent provides its owner the right to prohibit others from commercially exploiting a technical invention in the territory where patent is in force.

Patent protection is costly and it is therefore important to design an adequate patent protection strategy by choosing the right timing for filing a patent application and selecting the elements to be protected that would best safeguard your intellectual capital and protect your competitive advantage.


The search of the prior art is a means of identifying, before taking any step to file a patent application concerning an invention, a certain number of prior disclosures (articles, patents, lectures, prior commercial sale or uses) which could jeopardize the patentability of your invention.

It is always recommended to conduct a prior art on one’s own before envionning patent protection. Several very useful patent and non-patent literature databases are available to the public to conduct those searches. For example, patent searches can be conducted in espacenet, patentscope, patentlens, depatisnet, USPTO, Swissreg.

We assist our clients in conducting more elaborated prior art searches (keywords but also chemical structures and sequence searches) in public and non-public databases, analyzing prior art search results in view of determining patentability of their innovations.


We assist clients in defining and protecting their inventions but our support is applied well beyond that by proving them the tool to accompany the business success and preserve their competitive advantages.

In particular, we assist clients in building an IP strategy well-ahead patent protection and provide them support during all the development process and after commercialization.

Our services include searching the prior art, formulating filing strategies, drafting and filing patent applications in all technical fields, and representing clients in examination and opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office, Swiss Patent Office and the WIPO.


We assist clients in asserting their rights against infringers, or in defending against assertions by third parties.

Our services include analysing infringing products or processes, analysing third party patents, providing opinions on infringement and validity, formulating enforcement or defence strategies, preparing technical briefs and expert testimonials and assisting lawyers in patent litigation.


We assist clients in licensing technology in or out.

Our services include reviewing, drafting, and negotiating patent and know-how license agreements.

We also assist clients in determining the economic value of a patent portfolio.

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