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Situated in Nyon, near the shores of lake Geneva, we provide comprehensive services in analysing, obtaining and defending patent, trademark and design protection rights worldwide.

Our knowledge of intellectual property law, our technical expertise and our creativity is at your service to develop and implement the most effective intellectual property strategies.


Design protection protects the visual appearance of a product not dictated solely by functional characteristics.

Registered design protection is a very effective tool to prevent slave copying, thus preventing a dilution of your product’s distinctiveness. Designs are relatively easy to assert compared patent rights and may also help to protect useful (visible) functional features.


A patent provides its owner the right to prohibit others from commercially exploiting a technical invention in the territory where patent is in force.

Patent protection is a business tool for innovative enterprises to protect investment in the development of technology by providing exclusivity for the commercial use of new developments for up to twenty years in selected territories where the patent is in force.


A trademark provides its owner protection for a distinctive sign (name, slogan, logo, sound, colour …) used to distinguish products/services of its owner compared to other enterprises.

Enterprises invest in marketing efforts to gain visibility by developing and promoting a brand to increase sales volume or margins due to the buyer’s association between the reputation & goodwill of the enterprise and its products or services.

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