your nicest designs…
deserve protection!

Design protection protects the visual appearance of a product not dictated solely by functional characteristics.

Registered Design protection generally provides a good return on investment in view of the relatively low cost of protecting rights compared to other IP rights, provided territorial coverage covers countries of most interest, including countries where copying is common.


Designs may be difficult to search depending on the jurisdiction due to various requirements regarding image reproduction and the national database coverages.

However, Designview from EUIPO is a convenient tool for searching for designs in all participating offices, including DPMA, the EUIPO, the WIPO and the IPI. We can conduct design searches for our clients but we would also recommend monitoring the registration of the designs of main competitors also by searching by the Applicant name.


A design protects the aesthetic appearance imparted to an object by its shape, configuration, contours, patterns, decorative elements, material (and all combinations of these elements). Protecting one’s design or the main novel elements ensures a good protection against slave copying.

We assist clients in protecting their design creations. Our services include formulating filing strategies, preparing applications, and obtaining rights worldwide through our network of agents or by direct representation in filing and examination proceedings before the Swiss Intellectual Property Office and the WIPO.

In Switzerland, novelty is not examined and the initial period of protection is 5 years (renewable thereafter 4 × 5 years: Maximum of 25 years). Publication can be deferred for up to 30 months.


We assist clients in asserting their rights against infringers, or in defending against assertions by third parties.

Our services include analysing infringing designs, providing opinions on infringement, formulating enforcement or defence strategies and assisting lawyers in design litigation.


We assist clients in licensing design rights in or out.

Our services include reviewing, drafting, and negotiating license agreements.

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